Daily Practice Bundle – Video


This is my first video of Yoga.



The Daily Collection — 5 days of 30 minute yoga practices to set you up for your life!

In each class: 5 minute seated meditation to start

A full range of motion yoga flow

Breath-work, mindfulness, mantra

Relaxation and a sound bath to close

You will receive access to a page to view the following videos forever.

What do you need? Your yoga mat, a small cushion or folded blanket; optional to have a book or yoga block for support for days 4 and 5.

Day One. Monday. Ground
A strengthening, focused practice to prepare your body and your mind for calm and action.
Mantra: I am grounded

Day Two. Tuesday. Connect
Pulling together focal points for a practice that helps with concentration and adaptability.
Mantra: I am focused

Day Three: Wednesday. Stretch
A full range of motion fluid flow to stretch tight muscles and soften body and mind.
Mantra: I am calm

Day Four: Thursday. Soften
Full range of motion with a focus on stress reduction and fluidity of movement; an easy gentle flow with a deep hip opener.
Mantra: I am soft

Day Five: Friday. Express
A flow practice with an emphasis on fun. Wobbles and a move-like-you’re-dancing emphasis!
Mantra: I am free

Suitable for all levels of yoga practice, however if you are completely new to yoga we suggest you start with Sylvia’s Hatha Yoga Video to learn the basics. If you have an injury Sylvia will offer you guidelines on how you might modify a pose; if you are unsure just watch and listen. If you’re still unsure please check with a medical professional before attempting a pose.

Sylvia is an experienced yoga and meditation teacher, clear and easy to follow. Her variety of online classes leave you feeling grounded, inspired and calm. Based in Dublin for regular meditation, yoga classes and workshops, Sylvia is currently studying a Masters in Mindfulness in UCD and shares her learnings and insights in her classes. Follow her on social media for regular updates.